Saturday, October 31, 2015

old wood and sunflower

This morning, Love
has been a rainy experience
so I got wet
 in and out and in again...

We were meant for each other
and you knew it too well
We were meant to be one with the other
and I chose the easy way
You did not insist
for life is short
and I too young
Silly you, silly me.
 It happened.
You’ve always been the lively joyful spirit
and my age is older
it  sort of
gets as back as that of
that old wood of the barn
next to our dream house in the mountains
looking out to the sea...
Far so far
near so near
the sea...
you and me.

You are the sunflower
in the fields that lie between
the sea and
our home
... the old wood.

Monday, October 26, 2015

hey hun

This Life

You, Life 

So full of

Ups and downs

Today you give me hope
Today you tell me bad news
Today I get a reward
One day at a time
Yes, hun


So full of 
Ups and downs

Today I cannot resist

Today I lie and wait 
Today I might even pray

Yes, hun

Life cannot help it
But evolve.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Darling Sweet


Define me no different 
than your memory,

It is how I got near you
—into you...

Of this none can see. 
It’s you who knows,
or me who beholds.

The bond we built, 
the relation we birthed
of togetherness--

will be ever, 

--Steve E

(Song translated from 
a Hindu language
originally sung by 
 Kavita Subramaniam)



at age six 
I ran away from home.
it's hard to run away
when not even allowed 
to cross the friggin' street,
for to meet 
patient destiny

life's ageless span

daily became same:
flurried blurs,
factasy avowed
to who--and you,
while crossing
our own avenue

brief--duration of life

yet painfuly slow,
filled with strife
when time to go.
ought I...cross this path?
thought I, "no"...hmmm!

"I no longer love her

that's certain...
but maybe I do love her?
--love is so short
forgetting is so long *"
*Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973

near age something-nine

oh yes! I felt fine.
in unison voices...loud!
hear them! “run, run, feet.
but don't cross that street!”

sweetest bird-sounds,

violin among tall trees
ashes and butterflies
together flew by--
a brother deceased,
spread by breeze,
in the universe

whispered to me

in foreign code,
“ not cross that road!”

steve e

as edited from one april 2012 posting
Posted by steveroni  

Thanks  Steve, for this and everything else . <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I know you need this
So I am giving you what you like
Words are all I have my dear
Such a huge  light turned off forever
Such big tears drop
I see you smiling at me
I hear you praising me
Loving me
Holding me
Is you that star?
I see you everywhere
Taking note
Guiding me
I see you see me
But this way is new to me
I keep the ‘ it’s unfair’
The ‘You shouldn’t have’
The ‘Why God, why’
And you just smile
a smile never seen before
from that dimension of yours
which still gives me some hope
no matter what
I love you
 no matter what
you are by my side
no matter what
 my dearest
 I will always love you.

Rest in peace, honey.


 Our dear friend passed away last 21st September. I just found out last night while wondering where he was...Devastating