Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coo Coo


Sublime and gentle


Around the rocks
By the irradiating
Moon light
Of a clear

Chilly night
Freezing mild
Breezes the sea

Night birds hoot
And coo


IMAGE > Nite Bird by Judie Fein

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to College


Still can’t I
What was my need
do not understand why -
why in the first place
did I decide to take up those subjects
I had already passed, done so well
But I was there with the eventual relief that I could always give up.  Yet, I insisted,
and we had to hand over
this essay
which involved so much of a  time I had not.
What a pain…
Amazingly, the professor still reminded of me and took me to his office.
 He kept his white beard and glasses and a self confidence which was much of his guarantee to succeed.
His first attempt and intention apparently just to help me and give the clues for the piece of work. But I knew what his aim really was. I was so flattered that he chose me,  so I let him go and do too. Overwhelmed.  Here is my number... I’ll need yours too. Oh-Ok, sure!
 Now we can go to the bar if you wish. Feeling  his obsession to get me . So typical-
he  gave his wife a good excuse and then everything would be alright for the rest of the night.

Delighted,  I followed his steps in the streets after getting off all his daily obstacles. I walked less lost now for I had a goal I had not expected.

He thought he had got rid of all the risks which being together could have involved- not just yet, there came those former senior students he had not counted on-  with a surprise, a party?
This was out of plan…
Really? honey - won't you come?

I left after knowing they all remembered me from  certain old days I could not grasp- ah college
I felt sorry for them, proud of me, since they did not get my far or my way.
Shame on you,  on us and your plan. I could have let myself go, you know?
I love to see you missed it in your old sad eyes.
Off  is compromise
or commitment...
Hey! It's ok
I’ll always love your age
Our smile
And experience.

IMAGE> neslihan öncel 007 by Neslihan Öncel