Sunday, July 28, 2013



Striving for perfection
Different projections

This disquiet quietness

This breathless breathing

Atmospheric instability

With little or no precipitation

Take me

To that spot

As void as

All those

Old infatuating



IMAGE >>Frilly by Filter

Saturday, July 27, 2013



More than it’s
Already ordinary…
This nonsense of life
And the lives of …
And the fear of …

Afflicts  me.

The misunderstanding
of the reason
And of  the heart
Always unsuccessfully
                     trying to reconcile  with each other

Discourages me.

Because they  both betray  one another
Causing  that continuous torture
Of having to stand
               without being.




While those of us who
little know
or understand
    about decease
          try  to perceive…

it suddenly  comes up
                 in  avalanche
          leaving behind
  a hundred
 unaccomplished souls.


Google image> -young-woman-waiting-train-on-station


When tragedies like those which have recently moved my country happen- no matter why.
Translated from my own Spanish versión.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Lure


My body and its harmony
And its lack of it.
The former
may produce
a rather  
cloying effect.
The latter,
so much more
better than


 Adapted from Teoria de Conjuntos by Mario Benedetti


IMAGE > Pretty as You Feel (art, poem & a song) by Rhonda Strickland

Friday, July 19, 2013


   The day will come
     When all that was
      Won’t or

The day will come
    When you reach my age
       She used to say.

The rivers…
       Just dust.



Artistic Interpretation "Dog Days of Summer" with Margare @ Real Toads :-)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I feel turquoise- like this shore on the beach
I sink and let go, but

 I must close the evening, go home
This need to be wet emerges like a river
Dry, though

In my car the wind burns deep to the bones
What  alerts me…  
May I breathe in next time?

So dry and high
That grass-  like my dreams

A wet towel will cover me tonight
If I dare sleep a while.

You sure you hate cloudy Julies?


IMAGE > Mediterranean by Marta Orlowska


Hi my dear friends,
Today I am joining Verse First ~  Water Table at  Poets United 
and Feeling the Heat with our Poetry Jam friends.