Thursday, March 21, 2013


See me here
Lying on the softest of cushions
No temperature to figure out
My lips smile at my whole body.
This is my silent dance
At the pace of the lack of movement
I yawn
and hear
 the few children that remain
playing in their favourite element

And they splash
 and I go unnoticed
I cannot listen to
but this music in me
thanking life for forgiving
and for giving me this
 and that and

You ask for a sip of water
and I point at the bag
and you leave me alone
for this joy
you know
my boy
must not be interrupted
for another long while

Now go
You see me here
Lie where you like but
don’t look at me.
Joining  Anna's challenge  at d'verse

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy was

The top of the hill
A new fresh air invaded my heart

You asked me and
      I saw my past

Not a victim
      But me

Saw myself playing
    all my games

My childhood
So complete

I climbed the mountains
Made huts on trees
I threw stones onto the ponds
And I was free
     and I was careless
     and I was safe
Fell down
    and stood up

I played with dolls
     and sewed for them

I fancied my girls
      and what we did
We were the ones and only
We had the best summers
And winters too
    with mud and ferns
   we made
   those best  nativity scenes
The pictures not shot
so clear in my head

and the joy we felt was above
  any other thing, you know?

We were alive
And that was forever
 'But' was not a word

You asked me, baby
and I recall.
Childhood Magicby

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It’s a sense of…
It’s fright
Hidden in a place with no name

It’s harmful
but free

A meaning
not deciphered

I reach and
let go

if I try
 to convey
its importance to

to myself.
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