Saturday, November 16, 2013

Full Sail

You  are the rain
Whom you smile

I am the breeze
Caressing  you

We end up the evening by that river
Which hugs and enjoys us 

As I stand I fall
I fancy your hands will hold me

A tear comes from my eye
With your kiss you wipe it

We sigh for the future absence
And for the joy to come

Both light and night
At full sail.

IMAGE credits: Your're worth it by Amanda Cass


  1. I like..
    Full sails away. Ready for an escape☺

  2. smiles...i like the comfortableness between the two....and the hope of such a future...lovely dulce...

  3. :) To be with the one whom we love...

  4. Smooth sailng water occurs in both turbulence and calm. Always may your touches be the breeze in many afternoons, many rivers, fewer absences.
    May countless joyful embraces, kisses be yours, Dulce.
    Sail smoothly.

  5. I like the contrast I find in my interpretation. The absence and the joy of reconnection, the tears and the smiles. I find it sad, maybe just because it reminds me of losing someone albeit temporarily.

  6. THANKS a lot my dear frieds.

    Please excuse my temporay absence... life is gong throug stuff that prevents me from being able to keep this blog up to date....

    Hoping soon I'll catch up on you all...

    Meanwhile, happy new year and all my best to everyone.



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