Sunday, August 11, 2013




How do you see me?
How do I look?
Have a second glance
You’ll find

Life goes ephemeral
No one drools over me or you
Brains debating
About collapsing
Bodies trying to keep biped
And only some light is bed
To a mountain
Which once was not here
The sun keeps setting  there though
You see...
Have a cigarrete
Have a look at me
What do you feel?
It’s not fine
It’s no longer I
It’s not fine
It’s not even …
…in line.


The Crooked Coda: Toccare by thescatteredimage



  1. smiles...fine...i rather do not like that is so luke warm...and an afterthought most of the time honestly....

  2. "Fine" is always an easy answer. The word is used too often when all is really FAR from fine indeed.

  3. many a times we fail to see the need of the other , how thoughtfully you have brought it out

  4. Brilliantly written!

    If you have a chance to look at my Snowflake Symphony post, I would welcome a comment as I value your words.

  5. Enjoyed.. I see what was new and exciting is impossible to maintain. Especially if memories of the past overshadow the present.

  6. I like this piece, and the entire feel of it.

  7. Crooked or not, still we shine - and cackle!

  8. I like your style of writing.... true about life goes ephemeral.

  9. Dulce
    How long does the present last?
    A minute?
    A second?

    Much less...
    and much more.
    Less--because the moment you focus on it, it's gone.
    More--because if you ever get into it,
    you will stumble upon the timeless
    and will know what eternity is.

    BTW, I think your poem is just "fine" --grin!
    (Maybe a bit crooked?)


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