Friday, January 4, 2013

no facebooking

How come

You left facebook!

 how are you gonna meet
Know and find out about 
those others?

So fed up with  those and that
as I once got with this

 I find a more personal kinda balance
With myself
 I can talk
write as in a diary
there is this secrecy and wisdom...
Chances to develop this self
and  especially this self pity...
If anyone happens to come by
They are welcome, you know?

If they don’t?
 They are as well
A bit all the same
 yet, not...
We come and go
 And nobody cares

How come
You left facebook!
How long is that gonna take?

As long as long is my disappointment.



  1. ha...i have been facebook free over 2 years now...and i love it...far too much hate and too many people wanting a finger in the business of someone else...not disappointed at all...smiles.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ah, another one. Brian did that some time ago. I was think along those lines but somehow cannot do so. Lots of pages that I moderate and so taking off is not possible.

    Good for you.

    Love and hugs.

    Joy always,

  4. Sorry Dulce about deleted comment. That is SO rude--grin!

    I have never found hatred, or Peeps trying to "run over" others. Actually, I pretty well know all my "Facebook Friends"
    ...A FRIENDSHIP is worth more than money could buy, a
    Peep who cares--that is SO important, especially for the elderly (guess who!).

    Still loving your writing--just hope your disappointment is brief. With me, there is but ONE CAUSE for disappointment: Expectation! I was told 30 years ago: "Practice Being Satisfied"

    Aren't words easy to write, but to LIVE, that's another ball game.
    Take Care, Sweeter.

  5. Never thought about the comparison of blog to FB, clever. I like the saying "Twitter makes me like people I've never met and FB makes me hate people I know".
    Good question I get from your poem. Why do people miss a facebook status more than they would miss some quality writing in a blog? I guess Facebook doesn't require thinking

  6. This made me smile--there is an intimacy here on a blog--and FB does file like Grand Central to me sometimes--lovely write!

  7. :-)

    Better said than done

    Glad to be back today here... werw i BELONG


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