Friday, October 5, 2012

Mirror Chats

Morning again...
 You, again

but you...
just don't fret.
Bright green eyes
  At times mischievious
at times sad
Despite these wrinkles,
from tears and smiles

The unknown keeps you in power
And so does the little girl you think
you had left behind

Courage and  strength
 they see, they say...

Why live in agony
When there is not such disease

But if others did
Why not me

... and all there is to be done...

Betrayal and pain
All over the place

It’ll manifest
Sooner or later
Into what the others
Already gone
Experienced before

Do not fret- you

Deaf ears

We all get
As far as that fatal end
Never mind...
 Rush, you.

Time to go...

You - just
 don't  fret.

IMAGE:  'the glamour' by