Friday, August 31, 2012

On Love & Measures


‘Tell me,
How much do you love mum?’
‘Counting  from number One
one  by one
Till the last number
 that does not exist
Up to the end of everything
Until you die
And your spirit leaves
only if  the sun has disappeared
Multiplied by all you love me.’

‘Oh my…
So, then
How will I measure
mine for you?’
'Ha, ha...
Sorry- I win!'
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Love & Beasts

Just a look at each other once
twice at the most

     found ipso facto
that allure
they cannot resist

it takes all control
burning like fire

time for physics and chemistry
to do the rest

the smell
the touch
the wild

his brother, Testosterone
her dad,  Estrogens
her mum, Progesterone…

All in accord
   to encourage them
   to go the furthest their beasts within 

could simply be in bed
  on the lift or- world humming-
    in the woods

much better if 
faithfulness and
all that stuff ’s at risk

these animals won’t need to
make up their minds

Instead, they start calling this
and figure 
they’ve got a right
 on each other 
coming down to earth

it all fizzles out.

Love Me In The Garden by 

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Working Still by Borg de Nobel / used with permission

Still working
But almost found out...

No need to read
Between the lines.
Studied ways
on my own appetite
to lurk just one

 to drive your head
mad and crazy

It’s not a game
but found out

 how I love to play
As you die
and dive round
my spell

No need to read
Between our lines.

Yesterday @ dVerse Poets, Claudia  invited painter Borg de Nobel to inspire us with some of her art...
And today we can join the Poetry pantry@ Poets United

Thursday, August 23, 2012


It’s when you turn up
that time comes to a halt

that space kind of grows

that my heart beats
like a runaway horse.

It’s when you turn up
that any sign of mist

either white or grey
flies away.

It’s my ears
as they  listen to your voice
it’s all my being
as it witnesses your presence...

It’s then that...
 I realize
all that peace
for you and me
 is deserved.


Image >   Dilemma by 

Posting  this for Real TOADS,  love poems the prompt!

My choice for musical accompaniment:

Nothing Compares to you by Sinead O'Connor

If you this my poem in Spanish HERE.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So similar to nothing
so different from the rest
leaning her forehead
on her weaker hand
she sighs
trying to find
the answer to the questions
she does not even ask
for she guesses
it’ll well be fulfilled
from where she came
like, everyone, will return
all brightness
or perhaps
all darkness…

chiaroscuro by 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer scenes

Oh, Raphael...

Have you ever seen me?

What are you hiding 

behind those glasses?
Black was never so dark


 While you walk
My eyes move at the pace
Of your hips
And I see my fingertips caressing
Your thinness
Every bone 

Every muscle
So well drawn


And you turn  as if
to take them off
So dark your glasses
So I can  see your eyes
The mirror of your soul?

Why Raphael...

That wakes me up in a sweat
A stifling sigh
As if breathing my last


Bones by Hushabye Lifestyles