Friday, October 5, 2012

Mirror Chats

Morning again...
 You, again

but you...
just don't fret.
Bright green eyes
  At times mischievious
at times sad
Despite these wrinkles,
from tears and smiles

The unknown keeps you in power
And so does the little girl you think
you had left behind

Courage and  strength
 they see, they say...

Why live in agony
When there is not such disease

But if others did
Why not me

... and all there is to be done...

Betrayal and pain
All over the place

It’ll manifest
Sooner or later
Into what the others
Already gone
Experienced before

Do not fret- you

Deaf ears

We all get
As far as that fatal end
Never mind...
 Rush, you.

Time to go...

You - just
 don't  fret.

IMAGE:  'the glamour' by


  1. you had a nice talk with yourself this morning....i give myself a little pep talk quite often honestly...

  2. This resonates with me today....Sometimes I just wonder. :)

  3. I always talk to myself too ~ Nice one, don't fret ~

    Happy weekend ~

  4. Hey Dulce! I stopped looking into that mirror, so, no fret. When I write "Love and PEACE" ...I mean it. Not every moment--but mostly, I like being happy and joyful

    My tears only flow/show when I am alone. Even then they are not for me, but for other Peeps.

  5. Why live in agony when there is no such disease I tell myself often. And those talks in the mirror generate chats like this one. Similar, some unsettling some empowering, and then there is another morning and another chat.

  6. I talk to myself a bit as well, fretting frighfully every time I see a white hair in my eyebrows. Rats, I HATE that. I ache all the time though I get a wonderful massage every other day for under $5 US. One month left of my five month sojourn here in India. I hope I'll be back in six months. There's nothing like a romance with something half your age to make you feel young again. Lots of love!

  7. In a moment you seem to scan the breadth of your life, considering the fate of time. It's a romantic that thinks such thoughts, we embrace the ache as well as the joy. This is a great write. Thank you for sharing. Legend

  8. We all need a little encouragment from ourselves! Love this Dulce. Hope all is well with you and yours. :-)

  9. for so long that mirror was my enemy...but when my heart inside did the reflection staring back at me. Hugs to you precious Dulce.....You're never far from my heart...Life's been busy....but I needed to come back and say hi....

  10. love it since I speak to my reflection and my shadow,lol


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