Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The bird

With open wings

Sign to Heaven’s heart
Whose beat allows all
That shakes and breathes

The way our soul freely flies
Above the earth
Along the underworld

The door which connects us all
With the beat of the great
Universal Spirit.

‘Hotel Room’ by Randi Antonsen

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Distance

And the sea
Will keep being
That magic between us

And there will be one day
When all that remains
Is memories
Afternoons in grief
Hopeful nights
Of looking at that moon of us

My paths will be empty

My naps, lonely

My mirror, my one companion.


Images by contemporary impressionists: Pino Daeni  and  Michael and Inessa Gramash

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Red Carpet

Last night, for the first time in years,

There was a power cut in my area

So I could not use my computer

Could not watch my fave TV series

Could not read

Could have used a candle to do so

But, hey -this cannot take long (?)

But it did, about an hour.

And it gave some thought to this mind of mine.

I imagined my mom and grandma and way back…

How they managed with so very very  little

Reminded me of that therapist  who once told me,

Hey you lucky white woman

You’ve got everything in life

No need to hide your face

Or your legs or even your breasts

You lucky white woman

Can say yes and can say no as you please

And demand

And no one is going to kill you for that

When you fall

You fall on a mattress

So standing up again…

Easy is, if you like

You choose whether to keep on walking along your red carpet

You choose

You choose

You can even leave that carpet and join it again any other time

Because you can...

Because you can ...

 Because you are a privileged white woman

of the 21st century...

and, among the so many other material things,

I have electricity!