Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Owlet

You screech all night long
From dusk to dawn.
Taking over
which your nest is not.

Seems I am your prey
Despite all those mice I gave.

You try to camouflage
 stealthily moving through the dark.

 I hear every movement you make
From miles far and high away.

Stop screeching, you,
And spread those wings ajar
Having now the same feathers
You and I...

Little Night Bird,
When will you learn to rest
   On your own perch?
Reposted from Sweeter Poetry.
Been missing this blog, so...
    There are a few owls by my house these days which we guess are mother and son. The little one keeps  screeching all night, so much it's really hard to sleep. You can hear his mother answering back from the distance. The owlet needs to make sure his mom knows where he is, or maybe he is a bit lazy one that refuses to learn to hunt by himself . (?)Who knows...

    I have my own little owl at home. This one keeps saying he cannot sleep at night if not by my side. I am fed up with it. I keep going from my bed to his and so does he, following my companion. I follow my isolation and his independence.
Maybe the day he goes to college he'll stop it! :-)