Sunday, February 27, 2011


Now that there are
   two of me to amaze
Who is gonna find out?

While the shining sun
And the blue sky
Keep being but one

Who are you 
Who am I to amaze?

The sun sets anyway
And the Earth spins
Same translation
Same rotation
While us...

Going round
Same direction.

Image: The Sun and the Moon... Auhor unknown

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Elegy by Dorina Costras

It won’t be the same
 Every day
As the gone by
 As it used to
Without  returning
 It keeps insisting
 It continues ruminating
Having  to
 It continues concerning
 Even when I am sleeping
 Nothing will be equal
 Though so similar
         Because nothing is the same
That’s to change.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe It Was (not)

Had I done things right
I wouldn’t  have done
What I did
Would have
 what I did not.

Hadn’t I tempted
Hadn’t I let go
Had I gone…

The window glass
Is sobbing the rain
Looking out
Where I could  now  be walking
   or away
   to  the last stop of my train.

I would have been
What I am not
Seen what I saw
Fixed what I broke.

But I stay sitting
By the sill
Reviving the past
That was and was not
This that is
   and isn’t
Will  and won’t.

Image 'Reborn' by Evgeniya Sharp

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If By Chance

And she collapsed...
   The girl
   The woman
   The lady
   The goddess

She failed herself
Just by chance
After a quick glance
   At the man

He ignored her
And so did she
But he saw her
As well as
   so did she.

Inside the huge mall
Of her heart
   She lost control
Beating at an unarmed speed
Unaware she could breathe

The glance
    By chance

And everything
She had declined
Vanished as ash
   In the wind

   back to dreaming

Asleep or awake
   All the same

About his smile
   His voice
   His image
   His look
   His figure
...The man...

Image source

Love Language

It’s this I see
So clearly
The last drop
Of a rainy morning
As it falls onto the floor
From a crying leaf
It’s these words
Of glee and sympathy
Restless I breathe
With tears
 Bathing sweet melodies
Coming to my knees
To hug the emptiness
The litany revealed
Urging me to write
The language
    of love.

Monday, February 21, 2011

drip drop tanka

It’s this I see so clearly
The last drop
Of a rainy morning
As it falls onto the floor

Saturday, February 19, 2011

About Reading Writing

You tell me how sad you felt
As you were reading me
When I was meaning
to delight you
With words
of love and affection
You tell me you saw
the other side of the moon
As you read me
When I meant to smell the rose
For the rose is just a rose
Despite you and me
And all its thorns

And even so
You meandered
Between my lines
And flew beyond the sky
When I was talking about heaven
And got burnt in the sun

While I was swimming
In cold waters or balms
And even so

How can you reader
So often
Be righter than me writer?


Today I’ve been honored to get an award from my sweet and dear Laura X at  Shine the Divine: Creativity IS a Spiritual Practice.

I guess you all know about the rules when we get an award...
Ok I pass this on to

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Sarah at Gentle Recovery
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Five things about me you don't know:

1.      I love oversleeping.
2.      I make the best chocolate mousse in the world.
3.      I don’t consider myself a poet.
4.      I am afraid of flying so, every time I have to, I panic.
5.      I talk to myself out loud…and when people find me doing so they ask the typical question, ‘Are you crazy?’ In the past I felt so embarrassed- now I just say, ‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I am, (crazy).’

Friday, February 18, 2011

And She's Tried

She's tried to catch him
Hold him, keep him
Any  way

Despite his letting her down
On and on
She has tried all her best
That lady
How long would she plead
And forgive?

Now living in the
No-way- out darkness
Sobbing her tears
After he admitted
Not feeling her near

And she blames the whole world
Except hers…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Two?

Dualism denotes a state of two parts. The word's origin is the Latin duo, "two". The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a pair of terms or concepts that are theoretical opposites…

(from wikipedia) 

If you look at this image I’ve chosen as my avatar or profile photo, you can notice it’s an optical illusion which might lead to confusion, for it offers several perspective alternatives. You can see both a one-dimension face divided in two, and two profile faces…

I guess we all have that duality within, despite the different circumstances that have been going on in our lives.

    I long ago understood that duality has grown in me, especially because of my  parents:> two complete opposites. Having had to live with them from my very earlydays and years  developed in me and my siblings a kind of double personality…

   As far as I am concerned, I have the strong character of my  super mum. She is not a knowledgeable woman, but she is one who says things straight and has always  had the courage to be honest, despite the drawbacks that might bring. Yet, everyone who knows her, admires her, for that strength and self- confidence. I wish I was 100% like her. But I am not!

   Once, long ago, when the telephones had still those wired dials, and you could not identify the caller, some people had that habit of playing jokes on whomever came up. So, once she answered the phone and they asked, ‘ Is that the whore house?’, and she replied ‘Yes, here is your mum, would you like to speak to her?’
   That’s the way she gets along with those who try to trick her...
   I especially admire that ability of hers to have the right answer at the right time… and she never regrets about anything she has said or done.

   Dad, on the other hand,  would  never have the right words to say, what he thinks in that type of a situation. He is the sweetest and most intelligent person I’ve met. BUT, more unfortunalely than fortunately, He believes everyone is a good person and that nobody has bad secondary intentions. And when he has been proven the opposite is true, then he just says, ‘ Poor one, I am sure he did not mean to hurt me’. When he makes a mistake he feels sooooo bad and guilty about  it.. I always say the third conditional sentences were especially created for him… ‘Oh... If I had done this or that, then I would have been able to do that or the other…’- Yes, I feel so related to this beloved man's personality too!
   Maybe the fact that they are so different has kept them together for over sixty years!  Hummmm
   What about you? To what extent has your parents’ personality influenced your own?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Got ya!
You see me from behind
And I feel your look
on my spine
goose bumps
So I turn
and wink at your silly eyes

Now I know
You want some
Much more

And I leave it
 for another day

and while I walk away
there you stand
staring from behind

no need to over shake
my buttocks…

you are already mine.


Image Back To You by Elena Bailey 


Monday, February 14, 2011


I am I do I am I
I am the one
And Ms No-one
I am coal and diamond

Immense is the inside
Hard still to get to know
Just a second
A tiny lump
huge are the roots of the tree
bigger than all its branches
together with those the fierce wind
blew long before we were born
If only I, me too
So would I
I am I, I, I,
Me, myself, I

Outside the dusk threatens
and the ideas in my head
So often lie in bed
next to the dream
which does not fit

I cannot see that light in me, yet
I cannot escape from its brightness
I am I, I, I,
Me, myself, I
While I go to sleep.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

what's this about

Welcome here for you,
new and old
timid, bold

I hope you enjoy my new receptacle
for thoughts, ideas, prose, and
And parts of my
life will show themselves here as well

Art is which I have chosen
and which I have deemed
lovely...and/or not...

This 'Duality' I see as dichotomy
such is Venus or Moon
even Mercury
when half is lighted
and half is not

Aren't we all
part this and part that?
Yes...and No?
Maybe? Or maybe not?
陰 yin it is yang it is
My Duality