Monday, January 27, 2014


You were my dream 
I was your swan
I melted in your lips
You longed for smiles
that so easily transpired


To you all, my dear friends.

Leda and the Swan by Jery Hulewicz

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Full Sail

You  are the rain
Whom you smile

I am the breeze
Caressing  you

We end up the evening by that river
Which hugs and enjoys us 

As I stand I fall
I fancy your hands will hold me

A tear comes from my eye
With your kiss you wipe it

We sigh for the future absence
And for the joy to come

Both light and night
At full sail.

IMAGE credits: Your're worth it by Amanda Cass

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coo Coo


Sublime and gentle


Around the rocks
By the irradiating
Moon light
Of a clear

Chilly night
Freezing mild
Breezes the sea

Night birds hoot
And coo


IMAGE > Nite Bird by Judie Fein

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to College


Still can’t I
What was my need
do not understand why -
why in the first place
did I decide to take up those subjects
I had already passed, done so well
But I was there with the eventual relief that I could always give up.  Yet, I insisted,
and we had to hand over
this essay
which involved so much of a  time I had not.
What a pain…
Amazingly, the professor still reminded of me and took me to his office.
 He kept his white beard and glasses and a self confidence which was much of his guarantee to succeed.
His first attempt and intention apparently just to help me and give the clues for the piece of work. But I knew what his aim really was. I was so flattered that he chose me,  so I let him go and do too. Overwhelmed.  Here is my number... I’ll need yours too. Oh-Ok, sure!
 Now we can go to the bar if you wish. Feeling  his obsession to get me . So typical-
he  gave his wife a good excuse and then everything would be alright for the rest of the night.

Delighted,  I followed his steps in the streets after getting off all his daily obstacles. I walked less lost now for I had a goal I had not expected.

He thought he had got rid of all the risks which being together could have involved- not just yet, there came those former senior students he had not counted on-  with a surprise, a party?
This was out of plan…
Really? honey - won't you come?

I left after knowing they all remembered me from  certain old days I could not grasp- ah college
I felt sorry for them, proud of me, since they did not get my far or my way.
Shame on you,  on us and your plan. I could have let myself go, you know?
I love to see you missed it in your old sad eyes.
Off  is compromise
or commitment...
Hey! It's ok
I’ll always love your age
Our smile
And experience.

IMAGE> neslihan öncel 007 by Neslihan Öncel